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Results of Too Much Power


U.S. Senate

House Of Representatives Allows Media Rare View Of House Chamber

U.S House of Representatives

Recent elections in the United States have brought about a seating and an unseating of power…regardless of the political position.  Each one, man or woman, is reaching for a position of power.  Most say that they only want to speak for or “represent the people.”  We all know that this only happens sometimes because the push begins to see who can be heard the loudest or what agendas can be met for whatever side of the aisle one belongs.   There is also the far-reaching, continual look into the future for when he or she will be re-elected…or plans being made to unseat some “terrible foe.”

Votes on issues will be made in both parts of Congress, the Senate and the House of Representatives,…that is unless one does not want to offend anyone and never votes up or down, but only “present.”

( Voting Present as a Legislative Tactic. … When a bill or amendment is up for a vote, a Representative may vote “aye”, “no”, or “present”, which is a refusal to take sides. Wikipedia)

It’s most disgusting to the average voter who sent their representative to Congress and would truly like to see work being done for the good of all, but it is the best that we have.  Dictatorial power is not a choice any of us want and men and women throughout our history died to defend against it!


This leads me to think it might be time to re-blog one of my previous posts that takes us across the waters and into a teaching history once again.   Of course, money and wealth play a big part in this post, but it also shows us the results when one person or one group has too much power.   For your pleasure…or displeasure, I once again present:


        Henry the VIII

The dogs will lick your blood….” shouted Friar Petra to HenryVIII,  King of England.  “It will be as the prophet Elijah told King Ahab and his wife Jezebel”  (I Kings 21:19-23)   The congregation sat stunned and later this fearless man of God paid for that bit of news to the King when the Friar was executed.

Much is known about this King of England who broke with the Catholic Church to fulfill political control of all aspects of life in England. He did not want the authority of Rome to tell him what to do, whether it was marriage, divorce, or remarriage.  All religious offerings and property should be under his control.   Ask his six wives who endured his wrath, or those followers of Martin Luther who were burned at the stake.   This ailing king’s three hundred pounds, obese body was also dragging an infected leg that finally brought him to his death.   It is said that his casket gave way under the weight while being carried over rough roads to Windsor where he was to be buried.  The body cavity, in those days, was stuffed with straw, but through the crack, the fluids drained….and truly the dogs did lap his blood as had been prophesied.

The life of this man is well-known and written about in many books of history.  He was one of the most corrupt, using his authority to bring dishonor on everything he touched.   Touching he did….and a great deal of it.  He was tortured in mind and soul about his need to produce a male heir to the throne.  Most of his wives either produced females; saw young infants die, or had one miscarriage after another.   Power and corruption was not only a male failing of this king, but a female one also.  Ann Boleyn, the Spanish beauty with beautiful dark eyes, made plans to get rid of Katharine of Aragon, the King’s wife of twenty years, who could not produce a child.

Katharine of Aragon

Ann Boleyn

Katharine Parr







Henry VIII’s only male heir to the throne was born when he was married to Ann Boleyn.   Prince Henry was a follower of the Protestant teachings as was his stepmother, Katharine Parr.  Unfortunately, he died at age fifteen from tuberculosis and measles.    In giving birth to another baby, a girl, Katharine Parr died soon after from birth complications.

What tragedy did this corrupt leader bring to his people and his nation?  During his rampage on Christian believers and the churches, great collections of books were destroyed as churches were burned along with their believers.

What does the life of King Henry teach about leadership?  The need for WISDOM and COMPASSION is part of RESPONSIBILITY, which all elected or non-elected leaders should remember.     The suffering that corruption brings when power corrupts absolutely is not to be under-estimated!

Of course, King Henry was never up for an election.   In today’s world, not everyone is happy with the results of any election.  For some, there will never be a coming together or a hand-shake for promoting a happy, new beginning.  Nevertheless, We wish them all well…if new beginnings can bring needed hope for our country with a different House and Senate in our U.S. Government.

Maybe Shel Silverstein said it best about new beginnings…should any elected person want to reach out to the opposing side and listen:

There are no happy endings.

Endings are the saddest part

So just give me a happy middle

And a very happy start

-Shel Silverstein


Power gained can also be power lost when one “falls from power” as did King Henry with his excruciating death.  Yes, “absolute power corrupts absolutely.”

Turn on your sound for a video tour of Hampton  Court Palace,  Henry VIII’s home of wealth and opulence as well as total corruption and indulgence.  No happiness here!