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Listening to God in 2021

Most of us think of New Years Celebrations as just a time to make some loud noises, set off some fire crackers or here in Central Florida, peer out our windows to catch a glimpse of the Disney fireworks. If you have an animal, especially a dog, New Years Eve will be one of anxiety with the pops and bangs throughout the evening. Our dog heads for any place that she can hide her head!

For many people, New Year’s Resolutions is also part of looking toward the new year. It may be that most resolutions are broken before the year actually gets a good start. This year, however, I am going to try very hard to listen to what God seems to be saying to me in the “small still voice” that only He gives from time to time. Do I mean a real, audible voice? No, I have never heard an real voice of God as some believe that they have experienced. But I do believe that when we read in the Holy Scriptures that the Holy Spirit would come after Christ was resurrected from the dead, we can depend on the Spirit of God to teach us things we never dreamed of. This will make the New Year not only exciting, but one for which we may look forward to with anticipation. What makes the difference is whether we are willing to listen.

What do I mean by this? I will try to explain. During the holidays, and especially this year, many people are eager to help families out of work, the poor and homeless with some necessities of life. We have all seen the cars lined up to receive some help with food and supplies. Churches and organizations, such as the Salvation Army, ring the bells to remind us of our blessings and the need to help others. Many people do because Americans and people around the world mostly have big hearts.

There are times when a Christian may experience a little nagging thought that will not go away. I believe this is the Spirit of God trying to tell us something and lead us in a way that we might never go. It has happened to many of us…and if you are like me, I try not to think about it as any more than just a passing thought. The problem is…the thought doesn’t pass…it persists…until I do something about it. Sometimes it is like the “blind leading the blind” but when acted upon, the blessings that result are amazing. I will give one example that happened this Christmas:

I had spent a great deal of time making Christmas breads with those wonderful raisins and nuts to give to friends and neighbors. I had carefully wrapped them…frozen some for later…and thought no more about it. Then the “tap on the shoulder” came…

“Take some of those breads and find someone to give it to…out in the community.”

As mentioned, this thought would not go away. So, I told my husband that I was going to drive down Main Street in our little town in Florida and will be back in a little while. Where exactly was I going?…I didn’t know. Who was I to give the Christmas bread?…I didn’t know. I just drove slowly and prayed that the Spirit of God would show me. Just off of Main Street were several side streets, so I picked one. No one was driving on it…or walking on it….UNTIL….OUT OF NO WHERE a woman crossed over the street pushing a grocery cart. No, it was not her groceries from a local store, but her sole possessions. Driving up to her, I told her, “God wants me to give you something…a Christmas bread. Would you like it? ” The woman burst into tears…great rolling tears came down her face. I was amazed at the reaction. Reaching for what I was handing her, she held it to her heart as if it were a prized possession. There was more to the conversation, which was private, but I know without a shadow of a doubt that God wanted to touch this woman’s heart and help her to know His love was still there for her.

VIDEO: In this blog, I mentioned a “Tap on the shoulder.” Interesting, I was sent this video that gives a true-life explanation, before social distancing, of exactly what I meant.


May your 2021 be filled with such SHOULDER TAPS and many of God’s blessings.