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Fascination with Geometry in Nature and Calculating Numbers

Waterdrop  captured  by high speed cameras

Water drop captured by high-speed cameras

If one looks around in nature or even in the molecules of a water drop, the geometric shapes that can be translated into math are there.  Beauty is also there.  The changing colors; swirling shapes and much more than the ordinary person will see or grasp in a lifetime.  There is an order to things.  In this order, the number system is dominate.  Add a number…subtract a number…multiply a number…and consistently the numbers start to change, but do so in perfect order.snowflake waterdrops on spider web water crystals

To be a mathematician or a scientist who peers into the microscope or an astronomer who studies the skies must see the God of perfection.   Even such small things as a spider web, a water drop, or a snowflake show the geometric shapes  of the universe.








Numbers are fascinating! You do not have to be a math genius or be able to understand quantum physics to enjoy this amazing stacking of numbers! View the video at the bottom of the page  and see what you think! (Turn off your sound if you are not into rock music.)