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Boyer Gifts Opens Online

Color and the desire to create has always been my interest.   When traveling the world, I kept my camera close at hand because I knew I would be enjoying what I was seeing over and over.  Sometimes I took those pictures and began to design.  A flower turned into an abstract.  A mountain became a black and white.   Architecture took on a new meaning.   The middle of a flower may be too small for the naked eye, but the camera captures what we do not see.  My eyes had a way of seeing what something could be or maybe what something used to be.

Most recently, I went to my deceased  uncles’ old workshop.  Behind the shop was a car half hidden in the weeds.  Just across was an old shed filled with old wood.  This made me look for things that once were used and now forgotten.    There was a beauty in the old tin and the weathered grey  of the boards.    Out came my camera because I did not want this scene to die in the dust.