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New Book for Young People…LINDA LONG LEGS

Linda Long Legs  Written and Illustrated by N.W. Boyer

Linda Long Legs Written and Illustrated by N.W. Boyer


Young people often find it difficult to realize their special talents.  They are constantly looking at their friends and the popular kid who seems to be able to do everything.   Sometimes young and older have to work through many avenues to know exactly what their talents may be.

As an author, educator, and parent, I have addressed this issue in my new book called LINDA LONG LEGS.   It is a sequel to BETTY BIG EARS that meets the subject of bullying head on…available on http://www.amazon.com by the name of Betty Big Ears.

LINDA is taller than all the other children and certainly has longer legs than any of the others.   How she deals with this and finds her special talent is our theme.    LINDA LONG LEGS is available by special purchase from Palmetto Specialty Group LLC   at  boyerwrites@yahoo.com   It is recommended for elementary and middle school students.  Questions are at the end of the book for parents and educators to read in discussion settings.  It will make a special gift for a young person you know.




Palmetto Specialty Group LLC “New Prints of Low Land Country Plantations and Historic Slave Houses”

IMG_0770They stand under the great oaks with moss blowing in the wind.  These are the old, historic slave dwellings.  Life was difficult, but they found a strength to carry on.  Some fled to the north through the Underground Railroad…with help from the white and black population. Most stayed on until the United States of America  passed the Emancipation Proclamation that freed all slaves.  Even then, some did not know what to do outside of these grounds that had Masters who told them what to do.  To see these run-down places, we remember how precious freedom really is….especially to those whose ancestry never knew it.

History, whether good or bad, is important to protect.  Our future generations need to understand its meaning.  That is why we have added many of the photography taken in the low country of South Carolina to our list of available prints.  See these at    Old Slave Dwellings.   (Scroll down the page of prints)

Also, if you missed the in-depth blog about this area, click back at the bottom of this writing  to see what life was like in the “Old South” low country of the USA  “Gone with the Wind”IMG_0839

New Gallery by Boyer Opens

SEA SHELL SOAPSTo all our Boyer Writes Followers:IMG_0484

An online interior decorating site and gallery in Central Florida is now open for those who love ORIGINAL ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, GIFTS  for home and office …such as French soaps, washable indoor-outdoor carpets, made especially for all kinds of weather, and much more found at:

www.palmettospecialtygroup.com natural-fibers

One of our pages on the site, listed above, has  prints of the Florida wetlands. We thought you might like to see a video that goes along with  our Florida prints.  Around the world, when Florida is mentioned, often the only thing that comes to mind is Disney or Universal Studios.  There is much more! The natural Florida is nothing short of amazing.

After viewing this  Florida wetlands video, see all items at   www.palmettospecailtygroup.com by clicking on this link or a picture on the right side of this page.   Share with your friends.

(Credits at the end.)