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Animal Lessons…a new book series

Very young children love to be read to and shown pictures…especially of animals.  If there is a pet in the home or the family takes trips to the great outdoors, animals are always in the mix.

Our family dogs and cats give us love and attention and love is mostly what they crave …next to a big bowl of food.  cat and dog eating


All animals, domesticated or wild, feel better when they have a full tummy.

bird eats orange

A bird finds an orange treat

squirell eats a strawberry

A squirrel is happy for a hand-out!

snail eats stawberrry

Wow! Some little creatures bite off more than they can swallow.

Food changes all moods…human and otherwise.  This led me to think about how animal books could teach very young children how to behave.  Parents, you will like this first in a series on “animal lessons” as you try to feed, put to bed or teach sharing with your child.

Here is my newest book for a little one that you may know…The Moody Musical Cat.

It wasn’t food that changed his behavior, but music.  Surprise! Surprise!

  View The Moody Musical Cat 

Moody Musican Cat Front

  View The Moody Musical Cat 

The Right Idea

Sometimes when the world is ready to throw up its collective hands, maybe we need to take a lesson from some who have the right idea about things:

  • If someone enters your territory for a little rest, let them.
  • Give them an extra push when needed.
  • While they rest, you rest.

Life is too short to do otherwise. 

Have a great day and enjoy this video below which illustrates the words above. They have the Right Idea!  (Great music…click video, move mouse over picture and click on sound)




Honoring our Gracie…and 361 more!

This was the 150th year since the Golden Retriever became one of the best and most loved dogs on the planet. They are gentle, trainable and great with children. They also serve as comfort dogs… going to visit hospitals and the elderly who are made happier because they come to be loved and adored.   Many of them worked hours in rescue during 9-11 and in other emergencies. They are simply the best.

It seemed a fitting time to blog about our own most loved Golden Retriever, Gracie,  who was with us for 14 years.  She would have loved the romp with 361 other dogs…if she was still alive and we could have made the trip to Scotland.   Well, we don’t know how Lord Tweedmouth did it when he founded this breed…but we are certainly happy he did!

What was this all about in Scotland?

Goldens in Scotland by Peter J Northpix

Golden Retrievers (Photo credit …Peter Northpix)


“The Golden Retriever Club of Scotland hosted a “Guisachan Golden Gathering” to celebrate the 150th anniversary of the founding of the Golden Retriever breed.

It is believed that the breed was first created at the Guisachan House in 1868 after a breeding experiment by Lord Tweedmouth. According to Friends of Guisachan, the breed began by breeding a Wavy-coated Retriever and a Tweed Water Spaniel.  On Thursday,   (July 19, 2018)   361 golden retrievers gathered in the Scottish Highlands to celebrate the special anniversary.”  (Taken from Sunny Skyz)

 Click this link:   We love you and miss you, Gracie…and we are sharing you with our readers. 

Gracie in kitchen Howey

Dogs are Amazing Animals

Dogs have been called “Man’s best friend” (or women’s), but they are much more than that.  So often we forget how intelligent they are.  One thinks they don’t speak our language, but so often they understand exactly what we are saying.  It may be that they hear a word or two and associate it with an activity that they have done before.   Who really knows, but our dog can jump up and be ready to go even if we are spelling the words.  Maybe it is in the tone of voice.

Dogs have been known throughout the world as “wild dogs”, “working dogs” and “domestic dogs”.   They are able to be highly trained and often perform in circus shows and other events.

The downside is that when we find a dog with great traits, intelligence and temperament, they can be over-bred and inter-bred, ending up with many health issues.  Which has been the case with Golden Retrievers that are probably the best companion dog in the world, with a temperament of “gold”.  We always suggest families with small children consider the Golden Retriever when choosing a pet.

Meet our dog, Gracie…age 13 and loves everybody. VA Sunday 021

Having said all that, I have a question.  Are you lacking a dance partner?   Maybe this lady in the video below would rather have a good, intelligent, obedient dog as a dance partner any day.  It appears that she found one…even if he does have four legs.

A dog show in Moscow…give it a moment to start.


You are so beautiful….UNCONDITIONAL LOVE

Love comes in many forms.   The love that is unconditional…but simply says, “I love you” with no special requirements is the best.   It is not because of how you look.  It is not because you can make me happy.  It is not because you have so many talents.   It is because you are who you are…nothing more.

I was touched by a video that demonstrates this kind of love.  In this case, it is the love of a dog to a small child.  “I just want to be near you” it seems to be saying.  “You are small and I am big.  You are human and I am animal.  That doesn’t matter.  There is something about you that I love.  It makes me want to put my paw on you.   It makes me want to roll over.  It makes me think that you can love me too.”


Dogs ….LOVE ‘EM and Watch ‘Em SWING

62a - CopyYesterday was a DOG DAY!   I took our golden retriever, Gracie, to the vet to get some attention to a  splotched, red belly  and  her itching.  It seems she is allergic to everything.   We call her our “GOLDEN” RETRIEVER for the vet bills would make anyone cry.

Dr. West said, “Going to give her a shot now…you go home…rub this medicate all over her belly…rinse…and then put this lotion on all the red spots.”   So, out we go…get the hose…wash the belly and do all the above.   The shot helps but Gracie, flapping her ears, gets us up around 2:00 am to drink…drink…drink…and go outside.

This wonderful girl of ours has a real plush DOG LIFE.   She is truly our “baby” since all of our children are out of the nest.   When our last “goldens” got cancer and passed away, Bill and I cried for days.

Watching the ducks with Gracie's "Bill"

Watching the ducks with Gracie’s “Bill”

Who says it is a “DOG’S LIFE”….for she is one loved pup and when she looks in my eyes, I’m butter.

marchAbstract 078

They are smart, loyal and loving.

Maybe that is why I get such a kick out of things like the following…which you will love if you like Swing Music and dogs…..  

  Just get “in the mood” and enjoy!    (Click; turn on your sound (maybe really high!)  and enlarge picture for best viewing.      Swinging Dogs

Going to the Dogs!

Gracie, the Lap Dog?


Dogs are such wonderful creatures!   They are intelligent and loads of fun.  It’s amazing what they can learn.  When one says, ” He’s  gone to the dogs!”, it may be a compliment.   Everytime our golden, Gracie, goes to bed she rolls over with all four feet in the air.  No matter how many times she does this, we just have to laugh!   

Not dead...total relaxation!


   Here are two videos that prove the point.  They are both a little mesmerizing…but I think you will enjoy them.  

Four men and their dogs
The Dancing Dog