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Relaxing Music for Your Pleasure

If you are working, sleeping, reading a book, or doing something special, I highly suggest you turn off your phones, TVs with all the bad news, and relax with the video below. Less stress may even lengthen your life.

This morning, I went out and looked at my sunflowers with tiny bees (or insects..hard to say) enjoying their breakfast. God’s world of nature is totally relaxing.  I thought you might like to see a picture…enlarged for viewing details.

Sun Flower clup with bees best

Many of the pictures shown in the video below, with the beautiful music, are of Fall leaves.  For all of us here in Florida and elsewhere in the country…and the world that have sweltered through the summer, a breath of Fall air would be a wonderful relief.

God’s blessings to all of you.  from Boyer Writes

Video of relaxing music:

Peaceful Music for Relaxing

man sitting by treeHere is a wonderful piece of relaxing music for you to enjoy.  Enough said.

Blessings to all my readers!

Countdown to Christmas…Day 5

Boyer Writes presents Christmas music for your inspiration.

O Come, O Come Emmanuel


Keep Moving!

2012-07-14-Spudman-Triathlon-SwimmerThe secret to longevity may be a simple thing like MOVEMENT.  Of course, we are removing other factors of genetics or sudden accidents that could supersede activity.    Having watched my Uncle John move about with almost no help, I am becoming even more convinced.  At almost 96, he still works in his garden and has played golf just this past year with his daughter.   I believe movement may be the key.  We sit too much…especially at the computers at home or work…or before the TV.

My son is swimming in a Triathlon in Germany as I write.   He is certainly not in his 20’s or 30’s…but keeps fit and  “on the move!”swiming triathlon

He sent me the video below that I hope you will enjoy.  It will be even better if you speak French, but this lady emphasizes that at over 100 years old, she just keeps “moving.”   Maybe 100 is the new 80.

Therefore, for your weekend, enjoyment, here she is.  Sometime today take a walk. It could add years to your life.

taking a walk




A Gift from God

No one was musical…not in his family or his town. Where did the ability plus hard work come from?   No one knows except to believe it is a gift from God.  The hard work part come when dedication makes practicing  5 hours a day a necessity.  The gift from God is when it is so natural and the love and desire to be the best at what one does is deep in the heart.

I partly envy this young man, but fully understand the love he has because it was my desire at his age and even younger to play the piano well.   At the time, I was a country girl who went off to a boarding school. It was a school in a small country town in North Carolina.  I can still remember my piano teacher’s name….Mrs. Tollison.   Because it has been over fifty years since I was there, she has long ago gone to heaven.  Mrs. Tollison was a heavy set little lady.  She never made her pupils feel anything but confidence.   The other students at the school used to say, “If you can’t find Nancy, she is practicing the piano.”   Unfortunately, when I left the school to rejoin my mother, who was a single parent, we lived in an upstairs apartment.  No piano could be brought up the steps and the smaller versions were not available during this time.  That was the end of piano lessons…so I took up art.  After school, I would walk a very long distance to a large house where some Catholic sisters lived.  They  taught me art and  practically a “hundred years later”…I still have the deer picture my art teacher taught me to draw.  Did I have talent? Possibly….for my husband gave me a piano and said, “Maybe you will remember something.”   Well, I’m not playing the music of the Old Masters, but my husband says he can identify most pieces.  I’m sure if I practiced as much as I should the music would improve.   Now, I work hardest on my writing….novels, books for young people and other subjects of interest.  (See the right side of this blog.)

So today I share with you a young man on a 10,000 acre farm in Utah.  His family now knows he has a special talent that is being cultivated through their support…starting with a generous grandfather who bought him his first piano.  Blessings to you, Heston, keep up the good work. Never forget your  teacher’s name….yes, the one fifty miles from your home and the professor of music.   Someday when you are playing at Carnegie Hall, you need to put those people on the front row as your guests…and introduce them  to your audience.

One thing further…


Heston plays as guest of Utah Governor

YES…your parents are proud of you and you are not letting them down by following your God given talent.  (At the end of the video, you’ll see Heston’s tender heart toward his parents.) Thank them and God everyday for their support and the talent God has given you.

Video in Heston Warr’s own words: 


My last writing was about the landfills around the country seeing the death of pianos.  Today I will share with you  a very interesting story about a piano, a mother and father and a young boy.   You decide if this was a born prodigy or if the parents desires to shape a child gave him this gift?    What does this say to all people who are parenting these days?

Ariel Lanyi  has grown up in Israel.  His parents wanted him to be exposed to music from the first day of his birth.  They did not want him to come home to a house without a piano, so they negotiated to buy one.  Neither parent played the piano, but this little baby would grow up hearing music of the great masters from day one.  Little did they know what this would do to his life.

The parents had confidence and the child had exposure.  Maybe this is the answer to our educational problems in the USA.  and perhaps around the world.   The involved parent…the dedicated parent…the parent who cares may be the greatest gift a child can have in his or her life time.  It may mean the difference between a child seeking acceptance outside the home…even for some a life of crime and violence or  developing the God-given talents that he has been placed  deep within his mind and heart.   We might even say God-given and parent-given.

Not every family can afford to give a child the best of everything, but they can give of themselves and foster the talents that are there.  At first Ariel taught himself to play the piano because it was there for him to reach before the age of three.   Later he would have lessons.   His father was amazed that Ariel knew at a very young age what key a piece of music was being played.

The video below will  introduce you to a family that provided confidence as well as exposure to the world of music.    This boy is now being called a prodigy or even a genius.   He does not like those terms, but nevertheless believes that he may truly be a genius someday.   I would guess that he will be and it started with a mother and father who said that they could not take  him home  to a house without a piano.   Oh, for the family that would love to have one of those pianos in the landfills.  (See previous writing for the full story.)  It is also interesting to know that Ariel, who is now a teenager, also speaks fluently Hebrew, English and Russian.

After you view video 1, be sure to come back to video 2 to see Ariel perform on the piano.