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We are told that all our actions will be judged sometime when we are called before the GREAT JUDGE.   Does that also mean not only what we did or said, but what we laughed at when it was not funny?  Does it also mean when we are wasteful and care nothing about throwing anything and everything in the landfill?   Big questions to ponder.

The thought that brought all this to mind was when my husband read me an article about all the pianos….yes, baby grands….being sent to the landfills.  “What?” I replied, ” When I was in Japan and toured a Japanese high school, baby grands and practice rooms lined one whole side of the school.   Everyone learned how to play!

Recently Daniel J. Wakin wrote in the New York Times the following:

“The site, a trash-transfer station in this town 20 miles north of Philadelphia, is just one place where pianos go to die. This kind of scene has become increasingly common.       

The value of used pianos, especially uprights, has plummeted in recent years. So instead of selling them to a neighbor, donating them to a church or just passing them along to a relative, owners are far more likely to discard them, technicians, movers and dealers say. Piano movers are making regular runs to the dump, becoming adept at dismantling instruments, selling parts to artists, even burning them for firewood….the abyss between the emotional value of used pianos and their worth in the marketplace.”  (Does everything have to be about money?   I remember when I was a girl of 10, I would have given anything for a piano.  My mother could not afford one.  If someone had offered it to her…a fine pianist may have been born.)

“It is the most emotionally charged piece of furniture that there is,” said Martha Taylor, a rare restorer of uprights, whose Immortal Piano Company is based in Portland, Ore. “When I have to say: ‘You’ve buried your grandmother. You have to bury her piano,’ it’s a really hard thing.”

What is even harder to understand is how one can stand by and laugh when a beautifully designed instrument, as a piano, is being crushed?   What about the lovely piece of wood in which  this instrument is encased?   Does nothing have value to a country and a people with so much?

After you watch the video below, return to the second video to watch a beautiful performance by a young German boy, Mark Ehrenfried, as he plays “Rhapsody in Rock” Take those pianos, paint them up and give them a modern touch as you will see in the video.  Even the uprights could look cool with the right refinish or paint job!

Judgment day is coming sooner or later.  Perhaps we better check our values and our laughter.  (Listen for it in the first video)

VIDEO 1     SAD BUT  TRUE   (You may say they were just doing their job, but why the laughter…or did they care about this lovely piano? Even more so than the workers, what about the person who put it on the street for a pick up?  Notice the beautiful mahogany wood and the ivory keys. Good grief,  poachers are killing endangered elephants for ivory tusks. Perhaps they should just wonder up and down streets looking for pianos. )


VIDEO3    MARK EHRENFRIED….A FEW YEARS OLDER with even more talent.  Chopin, Beethoven, and those who only played chop sticks are rejoicing in heaven that this baby grand did not go to the landfill.