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John McCain



Thank you for your service to the United States of America, Senator McCain

Boyer Writes

In case you missed the ceremony in Arizona, one of the speakers told a story about an incident in the Senator’s 5-year imprisonment in Vietnam:   At one point, John McCain was being tortured for hours with his hands tied tightly behind his back.  Left there to linger, a guard walked in late in the evening and loosened the ropes.  At about 4 am, the same guard returned and tightened them again.  Most likely so that it would not be known what he had done earlier.  Later, McCain saw the same man and recognized him.  This guard walked over to the sand…and with his foot drew a cross for McCain to see.  He smoothed over the sand and walked away.” 

  God never leaves us even in the worst of places.

Vietnam Memorial Sen John McCain's wife - Copy

Mrs. McCain and the Secretary of Defense at the Vietnam Memorial

Funeral of John McCain, Washington DC, USA - 01 Sep 2018