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One Solitary Monk “Here I stand…”

From time to time, one finds a series of videos that speak to the heart.  The bravery of certain men or women is remarkable.  They have lived  fearlessly, making their lives mean more than one can calculate to the centuries that continue after their death. 

  All of us  would like to think that our life is that important.  Only history tells us of those  followers who came after our Saviour, Jesus Christ…to make a difference for Him and those who believe in  Him…to actually change the course of history.   One of these people was Martin Luther.

  A little history:   As Martin Luther, a German  priest in  the Roman Catholic Church, stood before his accusers at the Diet of Worms, he refused to recant of the charges against him.

He was challenging the powerful Christian  Church  and the Pope of Rome  that certain of  their doctrines  and practices were wrong, according to the Holy Scriptures.

He believed to receive salvation and forgiveness of sin, one need only to open one’s heart..and receive the Gift.  Salvation or forgiveness cannot be bought. It is between  you and God.

After posting his thoughts upon the door of the Church, he  said to his accusers,  “Here I stand.  I can do no other.  God help me.   Amen”

This priest brought to Christians world-wide  a personal and institutional freedom.  He brought liberty of conscience.   His famous 95 Thesis, which criticised the selling of indulgences for forgiveness of sins and other faults of the Church, became the revolutionary manifesto of the Christian faith. 

The invention of the Guttenberg printing press was the vehicle that carried this message to the German people of the day.   Rome had a name for one such as Martin Luther…a heritic…and heritics died.

To the right of this screen, I have included a series of six videos for you to watch at your leisure.  Take each video and ask yourself what this part of  Luther’s life means to you.  I think God will reveal something special to you.      These videos are beautifully researched and  each is a fascinating look at the life of one solitary monk and his contribution to the Christian faith as we know it today.

Go to the right of the screen and click on the the videos as numbered.

  For best viewing, click on screen enlarger after video comes up.  If you have any trouble with the video continuing, simply go back to the writing…refresh the screen…and click on the one you are viewing again.