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Just Relax…for longer life!

You are in the middle of trying to explain yourself and someone says, “Just relax!”    What they are really trying to tell you is that you are more stressed on the subject than you need to be…or they may be saying, “I am really tired of hearing you go on and on!  I need some rest.”

This leads us to explore what relaxing is really all about and whether it is necessary. Donna Raskin, in her article, The Benefits of Relaxing, seems to think that relaxing is a  good thing.

 “Relaxation and flexibility are joined in the fitness world because the mind-body connection seems to best flourish in an atmosphere of gentle, slow movement. You can breathe deeply, slowing down your entire respiratory system and, in turn, soothe your nervous and parasympathetic nervous system.”

I think being soothed would be a great thing.    It has always  been my thought that  the people south of the border took an afternoon siesta because of the hot weather. However, I live in Florida, which can get really hot in August, and never do I see a business close at noon to reopen later in the cooler evening. Just the same, it sounds like a good idea to me.

Animals seem to have it right. Take a look at these guys. We smile…but do they have something going here?

Now, this is complete relaxation!!

Maybe this is relaxation with a couple guards!   It’s easier that way…knowing someone is watching!

This could be just ridiculously relaxed….but can we learn something from this way of life?

  • Forget who is around…just do it!
  • Someone may see the example and join us…you think?
  • If you see someone already relaxed, just climb up and settle in.  They won’t care.

A good nap….a place on the floor…or in the easy chair….soothing music….may increase our lives to nap another day.           (I’m hurrying to send this up to my husband who practices more often what I preach!  I have to work at it….or not work at it…as the case may be.)   

Below some music to relax by    Sweet dreams.