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Since the invasion of the Ukraine by Russia, I felt that I wanted to bring back my beautiful pictures of the Ukrainians I knew when teaching English in the Donetsk Christian University. These are strong, wonderful people and my prayers go with them today wherever they may be and however they are trying to stay safe while under siege.

Years ago, my husband dropped me off at the airport to travel alone to a people I did not know. When I first saw their ad for a teacher in advanced English classes, I was told “We think you are an answer to prayer.” Now, they need our prayers.

Ukraine under attack by the Russians

Let me introduce you to these beautiful people. Who are these Ukrainian people, who are fleeing for their lives and the young men who are fighting with whatever they can.

I want to share with you some pictures I made of them and ask you to PRAY EARNESTLY for their protection. They are my memories of wonderful people and the BEAUTY OF UKRAINE.

Two small Ukrainian boys, who would now be old enough to take up a weapon and fight for their homeland. God help them!
Beautiful Orthodox church which is a treasure of the culture of Ukraine. These are centuries old and are in danger of the being destroyed.
Donetsk University, which was taken over by the “Russian aligned” military to be used as barracks. The students and staff were told to go home and the staff was held hostage for a number of days. My English class was in this building.
A professor at Donetsk University and children. These boys would now be young adults, standing up for freedom that they enjoyed.
Ukrainian mother and her children at the University. All mothers of Ukraine are terrified for their babies and children as they try to flee the Russian assault.
Our teaching team and one student. I am standing in the back. Where are these dear people today?
A Cook, lovely and kind, at the University holds a baby.
A student and his family, who graduated from the Ukraine University and went back to Russia to do Christian mission work. Their hearts must be breaking as they see the bloodshed and death of the Ukrainian people they knew.
A delightful, Ukrainian student who played the piano for me. Where is he today?
Olga was a University staff member, who served as my interpreter and who now does mission work all over the world. She, too, is crying for the Ukrainians.
Children at a Ukraine orphanage
A birthday at Good Shepherd orphanage
In this picture is the Director of the Christian orphanage in Ukraine and his wife. He was receiving a gift of money to help with the orphanage. He had not been able to pay his staff for several months, but they had stayed on with the children regardless. He said words that I will never forget, “GOD IS NEVER LATE.”
The children in the orphanage were happy, as were the staff. They showed great hospitality while we visited them. It is my understanding that during one of the times when the city of Donetsk, which is on the border with Russia and was under an attack, they had to flee into the woods. What happened from there is unknown.

The opera theater in Ukraine. It is one of the world’s most beautiful places. The Ukrainian people put a great emphasis on music. I was able to visit a school of music while there.
My beautiful friend who took me to the opera in Kyiv, where she lives. She has a lovely singing voice and often performs. She wanted to come to the U.S. to study, but would not leave her elderly parents. She is most likely fleeing with the other Ukrainians.

UKRAINE and their beautiful people TODAY

A woman stands in a street as black smoke rises from a military airport in Chuguyev near Kharkiv on February 24, 2022. – Russian President Vladimir Putin announced a military operation in Ukraine today with explosions heard soon after across the country and its foreign minister warning a “full-scale invasion” was underway. (Photo by Aris Messinis / AFP) (Photo by ARIS MESSINIS/AFP via Getty Images)
Injured Ukrainian after attack
Ukrainians fight for their homeland
This woman is taking care of dogs that were left homeless when the Donetsk area of Ukraine was first invaded back in 2014. She had a little pan for donations. Because food was short, the people could not feed their animals and they were put on the street. Now, in 2022, the animals will mostly be left behind as the people flee the country.