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Recovery for the Addicted: You must WANT it!

Addicted people must WANT to change their lives more than anything in the world.  A friend of mine recently knew that for years of her life she had been addicted to tobacco.  She had attempted to quit  smoking many times and failed.  Finally, she made the decision to give herself a hope for long life.  She wanted to see her grandchildren grow up and be there for their special days.   With determination and encouragement, she stopped smoking and has been smoke-free for over six months.   We know that it takes courage and the “want to” to make it happen.

Donald Gould the Marine

Donald Gould, the Marine

The man, shown above is Donald Gould.  He was once a Marine, but  became addicted to various drugs after his wife died and his baby boy was taken away by authorities, because he was unfit to raise a child.  That baby was adopted into a loving, Christian home.  Donald became homeless and lived on the streets.

Donald Gould in Sarasota

Donald when homeless.

He had one talent…the gift of music and could play the piano was ease and beauty.   While living in Sarasota, Florida,  he was given a chance to roll out a piano on the street  and play where people passing by in this beautiful city could hear him.   His story is one of determination, but it is also the story of the caring people around him and those internationally that wanted to see him lick the terrible addiction.  It is a one of the most serious health problems  in our country and the world today.  It is a fact that without help to recover, these addictive drugs will suck the life completely out of its victims.   Our military vets are known to greatly suffer from addiction and find themselves without employment and no place to call home.

Donald Gould renewed man

The recovering Donald Gould

Through rehabilitation, therapy and opportunities made available to him, Donald found a new life and an outlet for his talent.  One of his greatest heartaches was losing his baby boy.

The adoptive parents of his son, who had just graduated from high school, made it possible for Donald to reconnect with his once lost son.   They said that they all prayed about it and believed it was the right thing to do.

A contract to make an album of his music soon followed and he was asked to play the National Anthem at a football game between the  San Francisco 49ers and the Minnesota Vikings.  Donald had been given a great and special gift…a chance to start a new life.

Donald Gould playing National Anthem at football game

Donald playing the National Anthem

If you are fighting addiction, know that you can ask for help.   You will also be given the chance to fight the bondage that is making your life one of misery…giving you a chance at a new beginning. You, however, must truly want it!   Everyone has some God given talent.  Yours may not be music or the ability to play the piano like Donald, but you will find the talent He has given you.  Go for it!

Boyer Writes introduces you to Donald Gould and his story.    (Turn up sound) At the end of the video are a couple more updates on Donald that you may want to watch: When he played for the NFL game and his first contact with his son.

Chef Judi at Shoogie Boogies – Sarasota News | Mysuncoast.com and ABC 7: Chef Judi

Shoogie Boogies is written up in BIZ 941, a magazine of Sarasota, FL

Shoogie Boogies is written up in BIZ 941, a magazine of Sarasota, FL

Light Dinner Brochure jpegSometimes there is a place that one would love to know about…especially if there are plans to travel in Florida on the Gulf Coast near Sarasota, Florida. One of these places that you may want to explore is Shoogie Boogies Garden Cafe.

Chef Judi interviewed Kathryn, the owner, about what Shoogie Boogies has to offer in the way of old world charm and good food. She also explores what exactly is  Shoogie Boogies and some of the history of this sought after place to dine for  lunch or certain evenings for a light dinner.  We thought you may want to give it a try if you are in the area. Don’t forget that reservations are recommended. (941-951-5437) or go to the website at http://www.shoogieboogies.com for more information.

(Clarification: The spelling is Shoogie Boogies…with an s on the end.)

One last thing, this is not a cafe for only women. Men enjoy it also…so plan a nice date…or a garden event.

Click on the link below…scroll down to the video; turn on your sound and enlarge the picture for best viewing.

Lunch with Chef Judi: Shoogie Boogies – Sarasota News | Mysuncoast.com and ABC 7: Chef Judi.

“Out of the mouth of babes” Belief kept Alive

There is nothing like the gifts given by God to a child.   I share with you another child that is blessed with the beauty of voice and words. It is true that “out of the mouth of babes” comes truth and inspiration.   A new generation to keep faith alive.

Click to hear Jackie Evancho sing TO BELIEVE    (Enlarge screen for best viewing)

Hear Jackie below in another concert in Sarasota, Florida at the Ringling Museum