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As one who thoroughly enjoys history, I found a fascinating series on preservation and restoration, Restoration Home.

With much of our own history being destroyed or mutilated, it is with great respect when we find someone who wants to preserve it…especially the old castles or manors in Europe, that are quickly becoming ruins and that will eventually fall away onto the ground.

It takes a person, with not only DEEP, VERY DEEP POCKETS, but a determination to tackle such a project. We go, in this blog, to Scotland to meet a woman, from Australia, who had the financial ability and great desire to stick with it until the restoration of Cassillis House (or Castle) was finished.

Kate Armstrong, and Australian, bought Cassillis House for £3 million before spending another £3.5 million restoring it. She spent four years renovating the property, set in 310 acres of Ayrshire countryside. The castle, parts of which date back to the 15th century, was put on sale for £5 million in 2014. But its 13 bedrooms, ballroom and private cinema were not able to attract the right buyer and was put back on the market at a cut rate price £3.9 million. “ (Credit, The Times) It sold for this amount.

Do the math! It was a great deal of money to lose! She felt, however, that it was worth it to finish the project for history’s sake.

Wouldn’t this attitude be a great one in our country where history is slowly being demolished and the young people, in many cases, are finding history to be a less important subject. There will not be statues or buildings for them to walk around and know that someone lived their lives years ago… through good and hard times. We are supposed to LEARN from history.

Recently, I was in a college library where I was told that almost all books now are read on line and the hardback books, on the shelves, are slowly dwindling away. Someday, that book in your bookshelf may be worth a fortune because, as with our history, there may be no more to actually hold in the hands and enjoy.

In this blog, I am giving you a view of Cassillis before and after. The video is when the owner, Kate, talks about Cassillis to the interviewer, who followed this project on her video series, Restoration Home. Sadly, circumstance did not allow Kate Armstrong to live in and enjoy what she had preserved. Yes, she lost a fortune restoring Cassillis, but a piece of history was saved.

If you want to listen to the whole story of the restoration and the history of early owners, who were associated with King Henry VIII, simply push the red line back to the beginning. It is a fascinating project. (about one hour.)

HISTORY MUST BE PRESERVED…and we thank those who step out to help make this happen.