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For Your Sunday Listening Pleasure ….the Violin

This history of the violin:

Andrea Amati Violin in the  Met Museum, NYC

Andrea Amati Violin in the Met Museum, NYC


The violin first emerged in northern Italy in the early 16th century especially from the Brescia area. Many archive documents testify that from 1485-95 Brescia was the cradle of a magnificent school of string players and makers, all called with the title of “maestro” of all the different sort of strings instruments of the Renaissance: viola da gamba (viols), violone, lyra, lyrone, violetta and viola da brazzo.

The Rebac shown in painting

The Rebec shown in painting

Most likely the first makers of violins borrowed from three different types of current instruments: the rebec , in use since the 10th century (itself derived from the Arab rebab ), the Vio da Baccio  (or Renaissance Fiddle), and the lira da braccio .

The earliest explicit description of the instrument, including its tuning, was in the Epitome musical by Jambe de Fer, published in  Lyon in 1556. By this time the violin had already begun to spread throughout Europe.

Carvings on violin

Carvings on violin

Instruments of approximately 300 years of age, especially those made by Stradivari and Guarneri del Gesù, are the most sought after instruments (for both collectors and performers). In addition to the skill and reputation of the maker, an instrument’s age can also influence both price and quality.






ENJOY NOW THIS VIDEO OF BEAUTIFUL VIOLIN MUSIC: (enlarge for better view of scenery)