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Wynonna Judd Gives All Large Women Something to Smile About

wynonn juddI almost never watch “Dancing with the Stars”, but last night I just happened to walk into our family room as Wynonna Judd started her dance.   My first reaction was “Wow…she wasn’t afraid to be who she is!” 

One writer called her performance “Large and in Charge”!   I think that certainly says a great deal, but the thing that I thought of was how many really large, heavy-set women want to hide in a corner somewhere and to go out in public is a real chore.   I can guess that Wynonna’s performance certainly put a smile on their faces.   We also would hope that it  put “some courage in their hearts”.

One may argue that the performers on Dancing with the Stars are too scantily clad; too sexy, and not a good role model for our young.   Sometimes we just have to look past the bad language in a movie, a play, and the innuendoes that might make some blush…and say,   “What is the bigger lesson here?”   (no pounds…I mean “puns” intended).   You see, even I have trouble not making a joke.   Who am I to talk since my doctor would love for me to lose 30 pounds.  Maybe next year!

It is quite amazing how almost everything that we like in life is under the banner “Bigger is Better”...except certain things.    A Big Mac is better than a “little burger”; big cars are better than a tiny car (unless you live on a very narrow street); big houses are more desirable than a trailer-house. Big breasts are great, but not everyone has a waist-line like Dolly Parton (which is extremely tiny). We talk about our big country…and Texas where everything is bigger.  We could go on and on, but I think we see the point.

Some big women (and men) are big because they simply eat too much or too much of the wrong thing.   Some definitely have medical problems.  Whatever the reason, our society has tried to make a mockery of those who do not fit the slim, sheik, and beautiful profile.  Even some of the most influential have had their battles:  Oprah, Chris Christy, and more.   Finally, they have said, “Enough….I’m just going to be who I am.”  

It is also possible that life has thrown a curve that only adds to the weight gain.  Wynonna said, “I’m the kind of person who, at the end of every year, asks myself what I’m going into the next year with. Back in August, after my husband’s motorcycle accident, I went into ‘nurse’ mode and became the caregiver that was absolutely necessary. He had his left leg amputated and couldn’t use the whole left side of his body. I also had to put a new tour together and take care of my teenagers, and I forgot to take time for myself.”

This  is why I lift my hat to Wynonna Judd, who not only said this through her actions, but showed that she was willing to do something she thought impossible…regardless of what some may say or think.    It also must be hard for a large person when family members are petite and slim, like her famous mother. Wynonna and mother

Does this mean we give up on the “battle of the bulge”?  Of course not.  Our health is important.  Children who tend to be overweight need to have good education on the subject and good role-models.  The hurtful laughter that growing up fat does to warp a budding personality is totally out-of -place…as well as the sneers and finger-pointing.  Yet, people continue to do it, don’t they?

When it comes to women…or men who are obese, we need to look for something truly beautiful about them.  It may be personality, bright eyes, or an infectious  smile.

What made her take this challenge?      “My word for this year is ‘risk.’ Wynonna said, “I’m at a point in my life and career for something that is completely off my radar, that takes me out of my comfort zone and makes me refocus.”

Whatever may have held you back, your weight; looks in general, or some misfortune, learn a lesson from those who dare…there is more to you than you think!