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Whatever happened to SS. General Hans Kammler?

This is the question that many history readers are asking and will enjoy THE SEEDS novel that attempts to answer it.

The Seeds is now on Amazon as a published book and on Kindle.
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THE SEEDS, a historical fiction novel by N.W.Boyer

 THE SEEDS  originated from a blog that I have written for a number of years called Boyer Writes. One post on World War II and the Nazis, who fled to Argentina and other places, seemed to be of great interest to my readers. I was amazed that one particular post called What Happened to General Hans Kammler? received hits every day for years. Some readers wrote me that they knew where General Kammler had lived or that he was an uncle who was elderly and had escaped prosecution. Readers even started to make comments back and forth to one another because they were certain that they knew the answer to the question of the General’s whereabouts.
Who was General Hans Kammler?
General Kammler, as portrayed in this book is entirely fiction. The accounts of him, based on historical facts is that Kammler, from 1944, was head of advanced weapons development in Nazi Germany, including the Me-262 jets, the V-2 rockets and perhaps even the exotic Bell Project.
This fascination about General Kammler also led me to explore the thoughts of where he might be hiding and thus, this novel evolved.
First, I gave it birth online with the help of pictures and videos found on the web. Many of the places described in the novel, as the World Seed Vault in Norway, sometimes referred to as the “Doomsday Seed Vault” or the people, places and cultures of the Middle East, are generally not known or understood by other parts of the world. This only increased the mystery behind the writing.

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See further information on THE SEEDS:    Available on Amazon in paperback or on Kindle. 

Anti-Gravity Machines


Artist drawing

Have you always thought that what goes up must come down?  

  It seems that for decades scientists have worked on a machine that will defy gravity.   Hitler thought his scientists had found it when they worked on the Bell Project.   He was not beyond putting a  number of scientists to death who knew the secrets to anti-gravity and could give them  to the free world.

Do you wonder about the so-called flying saucers or UFO’s?

After World War II, were there secret experimentations with anti-gravity…and is it still being worked on today?

  Watch the videos and make your own conclusion about the possibility.

   Part of my Manuscript (The Seed, a historical fiction novel) deals with this phenomena. 

  • A video comparing The Bell with Avro Project Y2 giving some historical pictures
  • A diagram on how the anti-gravity machine  could be  built .  After viewing this, you may have science brain drain.  Nevertheless, have fun and explore the possibilities.    

 Click below and then click for full screen for best viewing.