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ADVENTURES of C.S. Lewis- The Lion, Witch, and Wardrobe

C.S. Lewis

C.S. Lewis

Love an adventure?  It has been our privilege to visit  England,”the land of C.S. Lewis”, who was not only a great Christian scholar and author…but a man with enormous imagination.

Many people  find the adventures of the Narnia Tales an escape from the world of political squabbling  and the horrors in the world.

Nothing is truly new in history…whether real or imaginary. Lewis knew that the battle between good and evil continues!    We have been forced to endure the same battle when it comes to allowing WWII veterans to see their memorial or giving some continued help to the families of fallen heroes…a number who are arriving home to their final resting place today.   Maybe an adventure can help those who are “madder than hell” about the recent events and totally sick of it all. 


Lewis with his wife, Joy.

Lewis with his wife, Joy.  Their personal story is told in the movie, “Shadow Lands”.

Previous blogs, we wrote about    “The Children on the Train”  about children sent from Germany, Austria,  and other parts of Europe to Great Britain to get away from the Nazi invasions in World War II.   The second blog was on C.S.Lewis, Christian professor at Oxford and his writings on faith and his mystical writings of the Chronicles of Narnia.  Now, we want to encourage you to read the Chronicles of Narnia or view the videos with the children in your life…or even the adults.  It may help clear your mind…for adventure can do that. 

cs lewis ch of narnia


One of best-loved of these chronicles isThe Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe”.  A brief summary for those who may not be familiar :   Four children are sent from their London home to the country estate of an eccentric professor to make sure of their safety during World War II. The house is very dull, except for a large, ornate wardrobe discovered by young Lucy during a game of hide-and-seek. Venturing inside of it in the hopes of finding a hiding place, Lucy is transported to a snowy alternate universe: a magical world called Narnia.   Here the adventure begins!