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Boyer Writes sends a New Year Thank You

Earth and lights from spaceWhen I started writing my blog in 2009, I decided that this was the place for me to express myself in so many ways and there was a world out there to find me if they wished to do so.

It was shortly after this that I decided that I could not tie myself down with other forms of media.   Facebook, as popular as it is with many, was not for me.  Who really wanted to know my every move of the day: what I ate; where I went; my latest photos…and so much more.  A daily catalog of everything short of more personal and private moments was not for me.  ( To each his/her own. This may be because I get bored quickly.)

This leads me to the reason for this post.  I want to thank so many people who have followed my blog..or have found Boyer Writes at least once.  It never ceases to amaze me that people in so many parts of the world are now connected by the internet. US at night from space Most of my readers are from the U.S., United Kingdom and many parts of Europe. Nevertheless, it is wonderful to see that someone has found my writings in places like Vietnam, Belarus, Jordan, Mongolia or Madagascar.

I especially thank WordPress for the daily and yearly update on where around the world someone has found Boyer Writes online:  2015 was a good year…at least for me.  I don’t expect to be in the millions of views, but everyone is important.


9,580 visitors to the site

57 posts written and published

(Overall grand totals since 2009:  521 posts, 95,643 vies , 30,567 visitors with 173 followers. )

This is also to encourage other writers to venture out and make your thoughts known to the world that is out there waiting.

I’m looking forward to a New Year. There’s much to explore.   One of my goals is to start blogging my novel. The title is THE SEED. If you are a follower, be looking for this. It actually was conceived by one of my blogs that has had the most hits throughout the years.  WHAT HAPPENED TO SS. GENERAL HANS KAMMLER?   Because there was so much interest, I believed it would make a great novel…now in the making.

Again, thank you and Happy New Year to all.

Nancy Boyer