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Going Grey-The Power to Choose

Meryl Streep goes grey in her movie


Women are finding a power to be themselves. Many are throwing out the expensive salons and bottles that have kept the grey from shining through!  It takes courage.  I know first-hand, but I also know it has saved me literally hundreds of dollars!   In a harsh economy, that is something to think about.   

Meryle Streep


Recently, I read that  young men are more concerned about their grey than about balding. It is a kind of epidemic in England.  Where in years past, the greying man was considered distinguished.    I recently had dinner with a young man I know quite well.  He was always a little blonde  with a touch of grey beginning to show through.  I wondered what the darker…somewhat redish look meant?   

While doing business at my bank the other day, I noticed the man behind the desk (in his 50’s-60’s) had definitely dyed his hair blonde.  It was so distracting that I found it hard to keep my mind on what he was saying.    This is not good for a business-man.   

When my husband and I visited  Japan recently, I noticed that women much older than I had  jet black hair.    Having seen articles on the chemicals in hair dye that may cause cancer, I began to wonder about the medical implications of Japanese women.  Even though it is not polite to stare in this culture, I noticed a glance or two my way.   

My stay in Mongolia showed me many things about their culture. I was treated with dignity because this society honors the person who has grey hair.    He/she is respected.  Almost always they  are  spoken to with politeness and given  a special place of honor. I was ushered into the Ger (Mongolian traditional home) and seated beside the gentleman that they considered wise and the father-figure in their society.   

What brought all of this to mind was that I walked into the court-house yesterday to vote in the Florida primaries. A  kind woman surprised me with a nice comment, ” I love your hair.  I noticed you when you walked in.” (For those who don’t know me, my hair is snow-white.)  I explained to her that I had thrown the bottle away many years ago.   (My thanks to you, dear volunteer, from the Women League of Voters.)   

Take a look at some of these women.  They may be well-known or an ordinary person.  It is true,  each has  a great haircut. Perhaps this is the key and not the color.   Would you say they are:   

  • Attractive or even beautiful?

    Dame Helen Mirren played Queen Elizabeth


  • Sheik and modern?
  • Perhaps even desirable?

Short and Smart


An article I read  recently had this to say:   

“In a society that worships youth and makes us afraid of aging… going gray is not as much about style as it is about attitude. Going gray lets us celebrate our wisdom, maturity and throw out the script that says older women can’t be sexy, strong and happy.”   

Men have this choice also. They can be happy with themselves. It’s about energy and contentment.   No society should dictate the value of a person at any age.  Take a look at these famous grey-haired men..from various age groups.   There is nothing “shabby” here.   

Journalist Anderson Cooper


Singer Taylor Hicks


Actor Morgan Freeman


Actor George Clooney


Marketing has placed a lasso around our necks.  It’s time to be who we are and resist being dictated to by the media or the norm.  We do have the right to choose….to be ourselves…whether grey or not.    

This may be the beginning of an American trend.   Watch for the  women and men who smile, full-of life, and are definitely grey!