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It has been a while since I retired from teaching, which had been my career for over twenty years. Throughout those years, I was able to have some of the best students in the world, as well as those who struggled. From elementary students, middle school and trips to Europe with high school students, I knew, as a teacher, that I was making a difference. After several years as Assistant Principal in two counties, I asked to be moved back to my beloved 5th graders. I was accepted with open arms and it was my joy, once again, to be back where I belonged….teaching my students.

It was with a heavy heart that I just heard a teacher in Virginia going before her school board to lift her voice to the problems she and other teachers are facing with teaching today.

I understand what it is like to stand before a school board because I had that experience when I was chosen as one of seven teachers in my state to go to Japan as a guest of the Japanese government. I was asking for paid leave while I represented American teachers.

The Assistant Superintendent of Schools didn’t want to give me permission and I had to “beg” for the privilege to represent not only my state, but the USA, to a country that was thanking the United States for helping them rebuild after the terrible bombing of their country in World War II.

My school board would not support me in my request, but I would be allowed to go “without pay.” Some funds were given to me by a separate organization and I happily went to Japan representing my students, my school, my state and my country. It was disheartening, however, to find out that other teachers from around the country were celebrated at the airport by their school system. Teachers today have many things to deal with and politics is a big part of it.

Yes, I understand the heavy heart that this 5th grade teacher from Virginia was feeling. I understand, as a Christian, how she can not go against her conscience. You will hear her begin to cry as she told the School Board what she had to say….and it was not easy. Someday….somewhere…God has something special waiting for this teacher…and it will be very good!

Turn up your sound (loud) and listen to this one teacher…for there will probably be more excellent teachers leaving our profession and our children will suffer unless our leaders come to their senses.

(The teacher speaking is not photographed, but her voice is clear. Credit shown, but her comments were not all that Mr. Wilder mentioned here.)