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It’s a crying shame when a young, American mother has to be so concerned about rising crime…deliberate and blatant, that she has to carry a weapon to protect her two year old. Yet, this seems to be the case in so many instances. Whatever your thoughts on “gun control” may be, you will be interested in this story.

Just recently, a criminal who was ready to attack a woman in heavy traffic certainly didn’t realize that she was a military veteran, trained and ready to defend…at any cost…her small child in the back seat! This thug had met someone who would not stand for his horrible assault…especially on her child.

Thank God, there are women with guts in the 21st century! Annie Oakley would be proud…and so are we!

If you don’t know who Annie Oakley is…well, here’s another lesson in history, especially for the young teens whose history lessons may be waning.


Annie Oakley and her medals for marksmanship…a real sharp shooter!

Born Phoebe Ann Moses (or Mosey), 1860 in Darke County, Ohio, the woman who would be known as Annie Oakley developed her superb marksmanship abilities as a teen. Both Moses’ father and her stepfather died when she was a child, and she went to live at the County Infirmary, where she received schooling and sewing instruction while helping in the care of orphaned children. She returned to living with her mother and her second stepfather in her early teens, when she was able to help the family by hunting game for a grocery store. She earned so much from her skills that by the time she was 15, Moses was able to pay off the mortgage on her mother’s home. She married fellow-marksman, Frank Butler, in 1876 and would later become a star attraction for Buffalo Bill’s Wild West Show for years, renowned for unparalleled shooting tricks. They were with the show for more than a decade and a half, with Oakley receiving the spotlight and top billing while Butler worked as her manager, assisting Oakley with her stunning displays of marksmanship.

Oakley also met Native American leader, Sitting Bull, in 1884, and he was so impressed with her manner and abilities that he “adopted”* her and bestowed upon her the additional name “Little Sure Shot.(*This is a special ceremony when honoring someone not Native American.)

Sitting Bull was a Teton Dakota Indian chief

A revered global figure, Oakley retired in 1913 and died in Ohio on November 3, 1926. (from Biography)

One of Annie’s quotes should be an inspiration to all people, especially the young:

“Aim at a high mark and you will hit it. No, not the first time, nor the second and maybe not the third. But keep on aiming and keep on shooting for only practice will make you perfect. Finally, you’ll hit the Bull’s Eye of Success. Annie Oakley


So now you know about the real “ANNIE OAKLEY.” We will now tell you about a REAL, AMERICAN MOTHER and her story…of bravery and determination.

A Louisiana mom and Air Force veteran pulled a gun on a man who tried to get into her car while she was sitting in gridlocked traffic with her 2-year-old son. 

“You shouldn’t have to navigate your own city like a war zone. It’s un-American,” Charise Taylor, who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, told WDSU “The crime is out of control and it’s terrifying. At this point, having to use the same tactics in an American city that you use in Iraq and Afghanistan simply to navigate through the city, it’s scary, and I’m not the only mom feeling this way.”

Taylor said she was on her way to pick up her husband on Friday in New Orleans when she got stuck in traffic on Interstate 10. While navigating the backup, a group of people in a truck motioned to her to let them into her lane. She let them in, but soon after a man came up to her passenger door and began pulling on the handle. 

“So, as he comes up… he’s close, and he’s pretty aggressive trying to get the car door open, makes eye contact with me, he’s still trying to get it open a couple times,” Taylor said.

She picked up her gun and recalled warning him: “IT’S LOCKED AND LOADED.” The suspect ran off and she was not forced to fire her weapon – though she said she was ready to do so in order to protect her son. She filed a police report but said she was left troubled that the incident was only classified as a “DISTURBANCE.” according to WDSU. The New Orleans Police Department is investigating the incident.” (Written by Emily Colton of WDSU (Channel 19, an NBC-affiliated television station in New Orleans, Louisiana, USA)



Obviously, the fear of those in the area was REAL to her, as she drove to pick up her husband…or she would not have had a gun laying close to her for protection. When thieves can walk into stores and walk out with arm loads of merchandize and it is allowed with no consequences, taking a car and harming people in it is only another step in a criminal mind. The tolerance of crime will be a break-down of society.