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Turn of the Century Tunes…on a HOT day!

Just for fun, it might be good to get a cool lemonade, sit back and sing along:


You’ll notice that the words are supposed to be romantic even if it is 99 degrees outside.  I don’t know where you are, but in Florida…holding someone’s hand in hot weather means a sweaty palm and hot between the fingers! So, if you want to be romantic with Tootsie Wootsie, head for the air conditioning.

Most people will also not know that  “Tootsie Wootsie”, who is the loved one in “Good Old Summer Time”…or a term of endearment to many…is really a demeaning Australian term for a woman. Of course, we know that we would never mean anything demeaning to the women we know, or especially to this cute little girl in our video below.   We’ll not let that term in this summer time song get under our already hot skin. We’ll just go with the flow!

So here goes, sip your lemonade and sing to the top of your lungs.  Your dog will probably howl, your kids will run to their rooms and your wife or husband will look at you like you are nuts…and maybe even the neighbors if you have your laptop out by the already too warm water in the pool.  Keep smiling and keep going on for summer is here whether we like it or not…and August is a long time from now.   It is what it is!

Turn up your sound and click here.   2 videos:







Hurricane Sandy Reaps Havoc in the United States


Boyer Writes sends prayers and thoughts to all those who have lost much in the storm.  Hurricane Sandy was a storm that skipped Florida and ended up in the north mixed with snow and ice.   Throughout the hurricane season, Floridians know to be prepared for any storm that may come.  For this hurricane  season to be almost over, those living up north would have never guessed that they would have to deal with such a monster.

For all of our readers outside of the United States, this is some of what is happening here.

Water entered the New York subway system.

Millions without power.

Fires burn homes amid the storm.

Winds up to 90 mph and a storm surge of water.

A number of deaths .

First Responders, Fire and Rescue Workers,  move in to help.

Blessings on all of them!

Travelers Stranded   Over 15,000 flights cancelled from around the world

New Jersey was hard hit as the storm moved north toward the Great Lakes and Canada. The lasting results of this storm is not known at this time. A video below gives some of the news reports.

30 Heartbreaking Images Of Breezy Point After Hurricane Sandy « Photo Galleries « Fresh 102.7.

Making Room

How often do we not have room in our hearts for others?   Is there a limit to what our hearts can give when it comes to love?  Where love makes room, there is enough space for everyone.   I used to wonder about the Holy Scriptures declaring that God had gone to make a place for us…and in “My Father’s House are many mansions…”    Of all the people who ever lived on earth, dead and alive…that’s a lot of rooms to prepare!   Yet God’s love  is unlimited.  He promised to make room for all who love His Son, Jesus….so there will be room enough. 

Recently a friend sent us some pictures that also demonstrated that there is room for those different…those frightened…and those alone.   Even in the animal world, there is the need to belong; to be cared for; to find company and kinship.  Look at the pictures taken by a rescuer of animals after a tornado hit Kansas.  One by one they came to her car.   It may have been a tight squeeze, but the sound of another heart beating, breath breathing, and soft fur was enough to give relief in a time of trouble. 

A tornado hits a house in Kansas

One by one the dogs and a cat enter rescuer's car

Not knowing one another, they found room!

As these animals had someone who cared,  our Saviour cares for us.  We are the voices, arms and legs He uses to care for our fellow humans.  Room in the heart is an important thing.  Give it a try today when some situation calls for you to make room for love..God’s love.