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New Gallery by Boyer Opens

SEA SHELL SOAPSTo all our Boyer Writes Followers:IMG_0484

An online interior decorating site and gallery in Central Florida is now open for those who love ORIGINAL ART, PHOTOGRAPHY, ANTIQUES, COLLECTIBLES, GIFTS  for home and office …such as French soaps, washable indoor-outdoor carpets, made especially for all kinds of weather, and much more found at:

www.palmettospecialtygroup.com natural-fibers

One of our pages on the site, listed above, has  prints of the Florida wetlands. We thought you might like to see a video that goes along with  our Florida prints.  Around the world, when Florida is mentioned, often the only thing that comes to mind is Disney or Universal Studios.  There is much more! The natural Florida is nothing short of amazing.

After viewing this  Florida wetlands video, see all items at   www.palmettospecailtygroup.com by clicking on this link or a picture on the right side of this page.   Share with your friends.

(Credits at the end.)