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When you HESITATE…think on this thought from a wise man:

“Twenty years from now, you will be more disappointed by the things you didn’t do, than the things you did do. So THROW OFF THE BLOW LINES! SAIL AWAY from the safety harbor. Catch the trade winds in your sails. EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER!”

Mark Twain

Samuel Langhorne Clemens (1835 to 1910), known by pen name Mark Twain.

Excellent writing is a talent. For some writers it is a pastime of enjoyment. Most likely I fall into this last category. Yet, it is always my hope that somehow, with practice, I may eventually find my way into a “talent.”

Mark Twain is a man who had talent although he didn’t know it at first. He had many words of wisdom, with a touch of humor and a home-made flare.

He started out poor, living in the South of the United States with all its history of racial inequality, but it didn’t keep him from making his own friends regardless of color.

Twain was a product of his times with a mind for writing that eventually brought him fame and fortune. Best known for his books about the adventures of young boys, which reflected his own upbringing. The Adventures of Tom Sawyer and Adventures of Huckleberry Finn were among the best known works in children’s literature.

What makes a truly, outstanding man? He usually never starts out to be anything but what he is at the time. God has given men and women minds that can be used to discover the world and learn from it. This is what Twain set out to do…even when he was challenged by a man with a duel, which could have taken his life. The wise thing to do was to walk away…and he did…to live another day…and another…and many years to come. Perhaps even this part of his life is a lesson for all to learn when the odds are not in our favor.

The 70th birthday of Mark Twain was a lavish affair held at Delmonico’s restaurant in New York City. In introducing Twain, friend William Dean Howells, in quoting Twain, said, “Now, ladies and gentlemen, and Colonel Harvey, I will try not to be greedy on your behalf in wishing the health of our honored and, in view of his great age, our revered guest. I will not say, ‘Oh King, live forever!’ but ‘Oh King, live as long as you like!’” (PBS Ken Burns)

His life story proves that he lived what he wrote in that he did EXPLORE, DREAM, DISCOVER

Perhaps as we look into the life of Mark Twain who lived in the late 19th and early 20th century, we can learn something for our 21st century.

BELOW ARE 2 VIDEOS: Twain’s Life and His Famous quotes



It really didn’t matter to Twain whether he was sitting with the poorest of the poor or in regal company. He was always totally down to earth. Here are a few of his most famous quotes:



200 writings CELEBRATION !

In Celebration of 200 writings

Saturday, Jan 21, 2012  Of all the writings in the past two years, the one that has been clicked on and written about the most is the writing about SS General Hans Kammler.  I had people writing from South America saying they could do research in a museum there and another reader who said his grandfather had some involvement in this mysterious situation.  Another had papers with the actual handwriting of the General.   Perhaps we all just love a good mystery.   I have included a link below that will give you the full writing (posted in Feb. 2010).  Maybe you will  have an idea why it generated such interest.  If so, send me a comment.  

( Reader comments are at the end of the writing…for your entertainment. ) 
    SS General Hans Kammler
Friday, Jan. 20, 2012    Recently the movie came out called “War Horse”.  This video is taken from a previous writing about a real American horse (Mongolian breed) who served in the Korean War.
Thursday, Jan. 19, 2012    Some words and video taken from :Uplifting and DelightfulPosted on February 11, 2011It occurred to me recently how important it is for our mental health to watch and to listen to things that are uplifting, delightful or inspiring.    We can become bogged down in the media overload that gives our minds and hearts a feeling of depression, hopelessness, and regret… amidst world calamity.  Not that this is unimportant, for it is…especially to those who are living through oppression and difficulties.   None the less, life needs a balance…..
Wednesday, Jan. 18, 2012     Our wonderful moonTuesday, Jan. 17, 2012   Mt. Fuji and the beautiful maple trees as photographed by N. Boyer     (See more photography by Boyer by clicking on the abstract picture at right.)  Enjoy these beautiful slides with music. Turn on the sound.  
Monday, Jan. 16, 2012  Individuality and the    “The Finger Print of God”
Video Sunday Jan.15, 2012

A CELEBRATION OF 200 WRITINGSThank you from Nancy Boyer, author of Boyer WritesIn 2009, I began a new venture….blogging.   It was the beginning of becoming a writer, artist, designer, photographer, and most of all….the kindling of a new appreciation for  great music, history, and those ordinary and extra-ordinary people who make up our world.   My goal was to inspire; to challenge and to open up our thinking.   It is my prayer that this has been accomplished.A I look  back on  my 200 writings,  it is hard to choose my favorite.  At the right of this page is a listing of categories that may help you to find your favorite subject and revisit some of  the writings that have now spanned over two years.I have  decided that the videos and pictures that were included have added much to making the writings come to life.  Hearing the great orchestras of the world or the voices that can only be God given is a gift and technology has made this possible.We live in a world with great unrest and turmoil.   We must from time to time rest our souls and see the beauty that is all around us.  My writings may never have recognition as  great writers in history, but they can be meaningful to those who are seeking something to challenge them to a better life and to their own  importance in life.Especially recommended (under the category of Great Composers and the title “Courage and The New World“) is one of my personal favorites.   As I listened to the music video, I found myself caught up in the beauty of this music born from the grief and loss in his life…and his reaching forth to a new life in America.  Antonin Dvorak filled his soul as he penned  The New World  symphony  music.   I will also share with you a part of this writing that challenges each of us that there is much to find …to live…and to make ourselves an instrument of its truth:These words  by Dvorák  say  it best:“The Music of the People is like a rare and lovely flower, growing amidst encroaching weeds.  Thousands pass it…while others trample it under foot.Thus the chances are that it will perish before it is seen….by the discriminating spirit who will prize it above all else.The fact that no one has yet arisen to make the most of it…does not prove that nothing is there. “At this 200 celebration, I would love to hear from you and know who is following the writings, as you are able to do so.    My email is:   howey126@hotmail.com   You can also click on  “Leave a comment” seen at the end of the writing.  I will look forward to hearing from you.  If you are not on our notification list of new writings, leave your email and we will be glad to add it.

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